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Paris Hilton Causes Family Fortune To Be Given To Charity

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Paris (party-girl) Hilton, who is famous for her ability to do nothing of substance, has been cited by her grandfather Baron Hilton, as part of his reason to donate 97% of his estimated worth of $2.3 Billion to charities when he passes.

The elder Hilton stands to receive $1.2 billion as his share, from the recent sale of the Hilton Hotel chain in October, and his share of the sale of Harrah’s Entertainment when that sale is concluded.

The money is to be placed in a charitable foundation started by Conrad Hilton, the founder of the hotel chain, the Conrad H. Hilton Foundation, which will raise the total value of that charity to almost $4.5 billion.

In a book titled House of Hilton, written by Jerry Oppenheimer, mention is made that Baron Hilton is embarrassed by the behaviour of his socialite granddaughter Paris and believes it has sullied the family name.

The Hilton Foundation supports good causes such as project which provide clean water in Africa, Education for blind children and housing for the mentally ill.

When Conrad Hilton died, he also gave the bulk of his fortune to the charity, and after almost ten years struggling legally to regain that fortune, Baron Hilton was successful in reaching an out of court settlement that redirected the money and some of the stock in the Hilton chain back to the family. He is now following in his fathers footsteps and doing the same with his fortune.

There has been no comment from Paris as yet regarding this major loss of her income, however, it is clear that this may follow in the same fashion as prior litigation from her grandfather.

Soon after spending 3 weeks in jail for violating probation on a drunken driving charge, Paris has dimmed the focus on her activities, taking a somewhat lower profile towards the wild party image she worked so hard to develop. The world is watching and waiting to see if the billionaires will actually have to find a job or if she will be able to continue on in her reckless quest to become the ultimate party girl.

Having the Hilton’s out of the the hotel and gambling business’ might be just what this young lady needs to become a normal part of society.

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