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Pittsburgh Can Handle Slight Troubles Casino Gambling Will Bring

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Pittsburgh has the Steelers. They have created more mental health problems over the years than any casino could bring. Why then, are opponents claiming that state agencies will not be prepared for the upcoming casino gambling craze that will sweep across the city.

Casino gambling has always been the target of the moral upper class. People who claim that casino gambling can only lead to bad things for kids and adults alike. Claiming state agencies will not have the resources to combat the small problems that casino gambling brings is just ludicrous.

In Pittsburgh, a study has been done by the University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work that claims Allegheny County human service agencies are not equipped to handle a vast increase in gambling related issues.

What is not studied, however, is that usually there is no spike in gambling related issues. The things that were studied were drug and alcohol abuse, arrests, bankruptcies, job loss, or mental disorders.

Most mental health agencies are well equipped in all of those areas. Putting a casino in an area does not guarantee that there will be increases in the number of cases involving those issues. What it does guarantee, is that there will be many more jobs and money in the area where the casino is built.

The study also does not take into account the number of people who will no longer be needing the assistance of human service agencies due to the addition of jobs and money that casinos provide a community.

Studies can be construed to show exactly what wants to be expressed. If people want to show the bad effect a casino can have, then that is what a study will be geared towards. If another person wanted to show the advantages to what a casino brings to a community, then that is what those studies will be centered on.

Pittsburgh will gain all the advantages that their new casino will offer, and with a minimal downside. A fact that casino gambling opponents cannot bear to fathom.

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